Dear Customers,

National Property Bank (NPB) is a One Shop Stop for all types of your property needs/ solutions.

The organization is the though of our two most important member  who have been nurturing and  building the desire to give a home to one and all people regardless of his financial  status / capability and ability. The organization work robustly for those who  has a desire and a dream to have his own home.

The two most important member of the Family are our Managing Director and the CEO of the organization.

Our MD – Managing Director  is a  Visionary Lady with the ambition, dream & desire to give homes for one & all.

Being MBA in Finance with 15 years of experience in finance and real estate segment she has a close look on the functionality and the progress of the organization.

Our second member is the  Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – The Man who is leading it from the Front.

A captain from Merchant Navy with a vast experience of trade, procurement & finance. Negotiations is his forte with successful and quick closure as his achievements. Carefully nurturing the dream of building the homes for all the home dreamers.

National Property Bank (NPB) a RERA registered organization, our suggested properties are in the interest of both the buyer and seller which leads to higher percent of closures and with a smile on the face of both the parties.
We believe that every property adds Dreams to one’s life and hence we truly believe in nurturing them and fulfilling them to the best of our ability right from purchase to rent to sale of the same.
Our team robustly works to acquire properties in our bank so we can cater to each and every type of customers/buyers need. Thus making NPB the one shop stop for all realty dealings.

At NPB (National Property Bank) you can fetch all types of property such as Rent, Resale, New Purchase, Plots, Commercial, etc. and fulfill your dreams in regards to property purchase.
NPB only deals with clear properties and believes in one thing that the property purchased via NPB should be a Gain offering and not a distrace offering. Hence we at NPB check all the details of the property before tagging it under our wings.
NPB also tags Plots/ land banks for commercial purpose/ Warehouse/ Bungalow/ Second homes etc under its wings . As a RERA registered organization, we entertain proposals for JV (Joint Venture), Redevelopment projects also and see to its timely deliverance as promised and mentioned in our contract.
NPB has 6 major segments in which it actively works on a regular basis;

A) Sole Selling for new Projects.
B) Society Segment/ Society Management.
C) Retail Segment (Investor / Regular/ Resale).
D) Plots / Land acquisitions for commercial / Bungalow/ Warehouse/ Residential Projects
E) Redevelopment projects
F) Property Management for Rentals of commercial and investor flats.

Our organization has affiliations with almost all major/leading banks and connector codes with leading nationalised as well as private banks into our crown.