Built: 2019 Area: 1250 Sq.ft
2 Bathroom 2 Bedrooms 1250 Sq.ft 1 Garages
Address: Sai Mannat, Sector-34A, KhargharNavi Mumbai
Added: 15.08.21
Sai Mannat

Wonderful apartment by the side of the river. The area is quiet and is perfect for summer vacations. Minimalistic design with modern furniture.

Built: 2020 Area: 1700 sq.ft.
3 Bathroom 3 Bedrooms 1700 sq.ft. 1 Garages
Address: Bhagwati Greens, Sector-27, KhargharNavi Mumbai
Added: 04.07.18
Bhagwati Greens

Amazing view from every window in this modern apartment that is located by the lake in the most peaceful neighborhood in your town.