Built: 2021 Area: 650 sq.ft.
1 Bathroom 1 Bedrooms 650 sq.ft.
Address: Shyama Residency, Sector-30, KhargharNavi Mumbai
Added: 20.08.21
Shyama Residency

Spacious balconies are ideal for green gardens, etc. For those who live in cities, this apartment is the best option.

Built: 2019 Area: 1250 Sq.ft
2 Bathroom 2 Bedrooms 1250 Sq.ft 1 Garages
Address: Sai Mannat, Sector-34A, KhargharNavi Mumbai
Added: 15.08.21
Sai Mannat

Wonderful apartment by the side of the river. The area is quiet and is perfect for summer vacations. Minimalistic design with modern furniture.

Built: 2014-15 Area: 1250 sq.ft
2 Bathroom 2 Bedrooms 1250 sq.ft 1 Garages
Address: Tulsi Kamal, Sector-10, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai
Agent: Ameet Adhikari Added: 04.07.21
Tulsi Kamal

Natural wood entry door, wide plank engineered hardwood flooring system in living areas. Custom milled nylon carpeting in bedrooms.

Built: 2015 Area: 1700 sq.ft.
3 Bathroom 3 Bedrooms 1700 sq.ft. 2 Garages
Address: Trishul Symphony, Sector-19, KhargharNavi Mumbai
Added: 04.07.18
Trishul Symphony

Luxury penthouse in the city’s downtown with amazing views, modern supplies, furniture, an indoor swimming pool and parking area.

Built: 2020 Area: 1300 sq.ft
2 Bathroom 2 Bedrooms 1300 sq.ft 1 Garages
Address: Indiabulls Green PanvelNavi Mumbai
Added: 04.07.18
Indiabulls Greens

Elegant, classy yet minimalist-style apartment in the city’s downtown with the newest kitchen supplies and furniture in every room.

Built: 2020 Area: 1700 sq.ft.
3 Bathroom 3 Bedrooms 1700 sq.ft. 1 Garages
Address: Bhagwati Greens, Sector-27, KhargharNavi Mumbai
Added: 04.07.18
Bhagwati Greens

Amazing view from every window in this modern apartment that is located by the lake in the most peaceful neighborhood in your town.

Built: 2021 Area: 650 sq.ft
1 Bathroom 1 Bedrooms 650 sq.ft
Address: Shyama Residency, Sector-30, Kharghar Navi Mumbai
Added: 01.07.18
Shyama Residency

These apartments in 650 square feet are studio type with two bedrooms, big living room, one bathroom, also with balconies.